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Jul. 25th, 2008

So yeah its been a really interesting day. It kind of started late last night waiting for a phone call that I wasn't sure was going to happen or not. It an OKC guy that I've just playing around with for shit kicks and giggles. He actually seems ok. He did call and we talk for about an hour. A success in my book. So that was like two in the morning. I ended up staying up for another just talking online with. SO in the middle of that I get an AIM from this guy I talk to before on OKC. I kind of lost interest when I found he was dating someone else from school and was trying to play both of us. With that exposition, he gives me a message and was all like "hey aren't you from OKC" and stuff. I ask him about the girl he was dating and was trying to convince me that they were only friends and thinking "what kind of bullshit is this guy trying to sell? Anyway, he then ask if he could get my number which he already had and then proceeds to proposition me for cyber sex. Thats just disgusting in my mind and he was also trying to tell me how much of a "hornball" I was just because when I talked to him before I was open about talking about sex. I just hate men like that, they sicken me.

Anyway, I make my excuse and go to bed around 3 am. Well, I couldn't go to bed until 5 for some reason. I think I just had too much to think about and I had Sweeney Todd songs stuck in my head. Its impossible to sleep. Oh and I forgot to add that I had a migraine that day as well. You would think that having that would pass me out. Anywho, I wake up at like 1 pm because well it was late before I fell asleep. I also had a weird dream that involved the show "Avatar: the last airbender" really weird. So my sister asked to use my car to get herself to work. So this peeved me a little but I just told to put some gas in the car. She tells me she has no money to put in my car. WELL wouldn't that fry anyone's balls? Then she tells dad on me when I got mad. And then Dad got mad at me for starting shit. I live in the worst family ever. My sister is irresponsible with her money and I have to pay for it? And I just got my car back! Well, her boyfriend gives me money later so its cool even though she never drove it. She didn't want to drive it because it was stuttering or stalling, just Mindy bitching about everything that's not to her expectations. She had to take mom's car. By the way, it wasn't stuttering, it shudders when the engine sits idle with is normal for my car and does NOT mean its going to stall. She is such a moronic bitch.

It gets better though. I was watering the plants for my parents and my parents were outside with me because my mom and I were going to go get food. Well I'm watering the plants and I feel this sting on my stomach (the top I was wearing showed my stomach. I look in front of me and I see a wasp and at the same time I hear my dad yell "RUN"!! Apparently I was watering a wasps nest that happen to sting me in the foot and stomach. I never ran so fast in my life. And it HURT! The stings themselves stung for about 40 minutes and my stomach felt like I had done 500 sit ups or cramping for the rest of today. I mean it wasn't a bad day or anything. Just a lot o shit happened, you know? Well I treated myself to Graeter's ice cream because of the wasp stings. It was just one of those days I guess.


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