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I Could of Done Without Yesterday

Seriously it was a waste of a day from my life. It look like it was going to be a boring day of just reading and watching TV when I text Camilo to see if he wanted to do anything. Turns out that he was about to go to Masque in Dayton. So I jump along for the ride since I've never been. So I ride with his friend Rebbecca and Molly (who is pretty cool by the way)and we pick up some of her other friends who were pretty awesome as well and head to Masque. So it was pretty cool for awhile being drunk and just dancing but as we headed home the one girl Molly starts talking about her current guy and I find out its one of the guys I've been talking to on OKcupid. Well it didn't bother me so much at the time, more funny than anything because of the booze. So when I went to sleep that night I was having weird dreams about having sex with both men and women and somehow Sabartooth tigers were in there and my family were breding them. And just loads of other weird shit. And so when I woke up this morning, I was so hung over I couldn't make it to class. On top of that I have this weird bulb thing under my skin under my armpit and it HURTS! So a lot of weird shit. All in all, its put me in a worser mood about guys, which I know some people would tell me to just forget about it, which I'm actually trying really hard to do. I've really been amercing myself in reading and ideas for a comic, and trying to finish FF12. Damn you Vann!!! Oh well time to get over men!

May. 28th, 2008


An icky thing happened yesterday. Went over to the theater house for the first time in a while with Matt because there was "recreational" activities going on and I was dragged along somewhat. I personally wanted to stay home and finish "Lirael" by Garth Nix, second in the Aborhsen trilogy, really great books if anyone is interested. Anyway so I tell Matt to look in the window to see if "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" was inside and he said that he didn't see him, so I proceed inside with Matt in the lead. Well I edge into the living room and there is a bunch of people in there. Half way in, the person in question raises his head behind the couch where he was hidden, snatches a look at me, lowers himself and makes to hide himself from view. Awkward is to mild a word to describe the mood of the room after that. I not soon after made my excuses and buggered off.

Now something good! Me and my friends PJ and Ashley are finally deciding to do a web comic based on our lives and wacky adventures. The funny thing is that I suggested something like this back in high school and Ashley turned it down because she thought our lives didn't have that much content. I guess after 4 years of college and life, we now have lives worthy of entertainment value. YAY!!! Its somewhat hard because I have to think what kind of style to work in and get a beginning establish. Oh Lord I hope my skills are up to the task. *prays*

You Know What?

You know what I really need? I really need a good Yaoi fic. I believe that would brighten my spirits loads! Anyone out there got any suggestions? And no Snarry fics Amanda! :P

Witt as an Island

So just know I been thinking as Witt as a deserted island that a bunch of us crash landed on 4 years ago and just recently been rescued by the French or some very nice people. Now summer classes feel like when this rescue happened, I was in the bathroom and was forgotten behind. Damn my small gladder. Anyway, it incredibly lonely and its only been two days. I really don't know how I'm going to last a month. I also feel really horrible because if I hadn't had such a short fuse and believed in the principle of morals, I might have more people to hang out with. Also I can't get a hold of some people on AIM. They're there but they are not answering back. *sigh* Have I really been that much of a social leper? I need to really mellow out on some things, but its hard to not be depressed when there is an empty house and a limited amount of TV on. I know its a bad thought, but sometimes I wonder if I've fucked up my life already so far by being as lazy as I have been. Hmph, I guess the only solution is to go home and watch Boston Legal and draw. I gotta stop thinking to hard about things that I really can't control, though I just wish I had a time machine and all that nonsense. Keep myself from doing anything stupid. But I guess that's why people love me.
Well I'm excited for the first time in a while. It seems that if I want to apply for my graduate program of choice, I must first write a little about Arborgast Jones and write a scene or two plus illustrations! And so through the illustration program at Savannah, I can learn to become an character designer and also learn other skills. They also had a program for sequential art which is really exciting, because its basically a comic degree! The only thing is that I would have to have some inked work and such, something that follows a story or plot. Man I'm going to have to write something up now! YAY!!!

Jan. 11th, 2008

Why am I alive?
So I officially wipe my hands of Ryan. You know, all I ever did was cry when I was with him, so I think its for the better. I can't believe someone can act that immature. I know I kind of started the fight but I ended up apologizing anyway and trying to clear the air somewhat. God what is up with douchbags? I officially label him "undateable" and not like in Video Girl Ai, but in the way that I don't think that he'll find anyone to put up with his shit. I'm surprised that Kori even put up with it for 3 years. And for that I applaud her for staying with the bastard for that long. And you know what, I'm glad he's still hurting inside from her. I just hope that this girl he's taking to the movies sees him for the ass-hat that he is and never speaks to him again. God how do I hate him. I hope he gets ran over by a car while having a failed suicide attempt by swallowing pills and rum. As I said to Jamie earlier to day, I hope he gets is baby-sized dick caught in a rusty hole.

When will I ever learn?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
3:09 pm
When will my bad karma end?
So I had a rude awakening last night. I send half of my time in Italy waiting to talk to someone from home because the person said they wanted to talk. It was my ex, Matthew. We talked and then he had to tell me about how he just got engaged. Engaged. I mean COME ON! If that wasn't the fucking rudest thing to do. And he said that it happened just last week. So what would have happened if I talk to him before that? I am so done with him, friendship or otherwise. I just can't take it anymore. Lately, men have only hurt me and it makes me want to never be with anyone. Do they do it on purpose? Why? *sigh* My love anymore is reserved for my family, friends and art. I really don't ever want to get hurt like this ever again, so fuck all of them. Neva Again!

HAHAHAH! It happened again, I fucking hate my life. Why do I even torture myself in thinking I'll ever be happy or anything will last? God fucking hates me with a passion that burns hotter than a star and a cruel sense of irony that displaces the platypus with me as God's most hated animal. I think my spirit is crushed. But just watch children! The crap cycle will happen all ever again, it just a matter of time.

I think I needed to write this for awhile.

I love being a seadog!

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How is it that just one night of drunken tomfoolery lifts your spirits to the highest its been all summer. I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaallly happy about everything right now. I can't wait for witt to start.